Photo Stories

Displaced Connections

Conditions were bleak on this stretch of wasteland behind Belgrade's railway station, where around 1,000 young men from Afghanistan and Pakistan were living rough in derelict warehouses.

Sounds Unseen

There have been refugee camps in the Calais area of Northern France for about 20 years, but none as large or as visible as the informal settlement known as the 'Jungle'.

Placing Home (work-in-progress)

Eglinton Hotel in Salthill, Galway, on the West Coast of Ireland, was once a popular seaside resort hotel, with an epic view across Galway Bay towards the Clare Hills and the Aran Islands. Since 2000 it has been a Direct Provision centre, housing families from many different countries seeking asylum.

Traces, with Marisa Garreffa (work-in-progress)

Born out of Marisa Garreffa's "Rituals of Healing" series, in which she explores through live ritual her own history as a survivor of violence, Marisa and I reflected on traces and residues of trauma, creating images that spoke directly to memory: fragments, elements, emotions and echoes.


Theyyam – Living Deities

The Theyyam artists are in a trance when they begin their ritual performances. As they circle the temple compound, surveying the audience, the Oracle leads a hypnotic dance around the glowing embers.

Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra

A former airline pilot and self-taught musician, Maestro Armand Diangienda followed his dream and created a symphony orchestra within his local community in Kinshasa, one of the poorest cities in the world.

Competing Against the Odds

Bamako’s empty Olympic-size swimming pool was eerily quiet and uncomfortably hot. Faded lane dividers lay in a heap, gathering dust, and the harsh afternoon sun created deep, playful shadows.

Something has Already Happened

Life is played out on the streets of Kolkata. It spills over abundantly, squeezing into every crevice, straining boundaries, fraying at the edges where it is most vulnerable...

Hidden Stories

The fragment of a narrative, the description of an emotion, the perception of a memory....A series of commissioned portraits exploring invisible disabilities.