capturing images that resonate

with a sense of our shared humanity

Sarah Hickson


I’m an arts documentary photographer, based in London, although being something of a nomad at heart, I’m often travelling. My work explores the psychology of displacement & migration, the relationship between people & place, & the expressive qualities of the human body. It’s often the frayed edges of a story that draw my attention, where threads from the past unravel in the present, & where vulnerability & fragility reside alongside hope & resilience. I collaborate with organisations focusing on humanitarian issues & social change, as well as with artists, festivals & cultural institutions. I’ve worked on commissions, assignments, residencies & personal projects in West & North Africa, India, the USA, across Europe & around the UK.

Before turning to photography full-time, I had a career in the performing arts as a producer & consultant. I held senior positions with the British Council in Paris, English National Opera, Michael Clark Company, & Southbank Centre, working with artists to bring their creative projects to fruition.

I have had solo exhibitions in London, New York, Galway, Bamako & Paris, & my work has been widely published in the international press.

It is often the frayed edges of a story

that draw my attention,

where vulnerability & fragility reside

alongside hope & resilience.

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colour head shot of photographer Sarah Hickson

Visual narratives conveying

emotional connection, empathy,

& the energy of the live moment.


Clients & organisations I've worked with include:

12 Star Gallery / Activate Arts / Art Earth Tech / Bristol Makes Music /
Canal & Rivers Trust / Certain Blacks Festival / Circus Hub, Underbelly /
Clowns Without Borders UK / Crying in the Wilderness Productions /
Danse Bamako Dense, Mali / Daoulaba Festival, Mali / Doen Foundation /
Donko Seko, Mali / Dulwich Literary Festival / eeg Cowles Foundation /
Farnham Maltings / FITD, Burkina Faso / Fuzzy Records /
Galway International Arts Festival / Good Chance Theatre /
Guildhall School of Music & Drama / Hellion Trace / Hive Records /
Indigo Press / Inside Out Dorset / Jagriti Yatra, India / Kettly Noël /
Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra / La Factory, Senegal / London Artists Projects /
London Symphony Orchestra / Marsh Agency / National Youth Jazz Collective /
National Centre for Writing / New Public / NOW Events / Nwando Ebizie /
OH Creative Space / Pixelini Festival, Mali / RADA / Recréatrales, Burkina Faso /
Refugee Tales / Root Experience / Royal Academy of Music / Seagull Books /
Soundcastle / Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania / Southbank Centre /
St. Ann's Warehouse, NYC / Studio three sixty / Taragalte Festival, Morocco /
The Calais Sessions / Together Productions / United Photo Industries, NYC /
Women for Refugee Women

My work has been published in:

The Guardian / The Independent / The Evening Standard / The New York Times /
Le Monde / Libération / Le Parisien / Courrier International (France) /
Le Courrier (Switzerland) / Süddeutsche Zeitung / La Vanguardia (Spain) /
La Presse (Canada) / Le Point Afrique / L'Economiste (Morocco) / the BBC /
Radio Canada / Radio France Internationale (RFI) / Music Time in Africa (USA) /
Radio New Zealand / Cameracraft / Focus Vif (Belgium) / Songlines / Wanderlust /
fRoots / Exeunt Magazine / Femmes du Maroc / Marianne (France)