People and Place


The galleries in People and Place explore belonging, community, environment and culture. Griots are the musicians and traditional storytellers of West Africa. I met Mamy Kanouté in Senegal on an artistic residency. I travelled with Mamy to the village of Kousanar where she grew up, and spent time in the company of singers, musicians and dancers from her extended family in the Dakar neighbourhood of Patte d'Oie.
The artist & writer Ngnima a.k.a. Tie was part of the same residency, and together we returned to her childhood homes - in the Dakar Barracks, and on the mystical island of Niodior.
The Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra grew from a small group of church musicians in one of the poorest cities in the world to become a full-scale symphony orchestra and choir of over 200 musicians. I went behind the scenes on their UK tour.
Truth to Power Café is a live performance event combining theatrical monologue, personal testimony, poetry and photography. Participants are invited to answer the question "Who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?" My portraits of participants are projected as part of the show.
The anonymous portraits in Hidden Stories were created collaboratively with people exploring their experiences of living with an invisible condition or disability.