People and Place


These galleries consider the relationship between people, place and environment.

Griots are the musicians and traditional storytellers of West Africa. I met Mamy Kanouté in Senegal on an artistic residency at La Factory in Dakar. We travelled to the village of Kousanar where Mamy grew up, and spent time in the company of singers, musicians and dancers from her extended family in the Dakar neighbourhood of Patte d'Oie.

The artist & writer Ngnima (a.k.a. Tie) was part of the same residency, and together we visited her childhood homes - at the old army barracks in Dakar, and on the mystical island of Niodior.

In Ladakh in the far North of India, epic mountain ranges, deep river valleys, high altitude lakes and remote Buddhist monasteries define the region, its way of life and its culture.

Jagriti Yatra is a unique train journey around India, inspiring entrepreneurship and social enterprise among young Indians from across the country. As Photographer in Residence for Jagriti Yatra in 2013, I was part of a community of 450 people who travelled 8,000km by train together over fifteen days.

The gallery Daily Life contains photographs I took in Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso in West Africa between 2009 and 2012, and on various journeys in India.