On the Edge


The galleries in On the Edge are concerned with margins, peripheries, fragility.

The small oasis town of M’Hamid El Ghizlane on the edge of the Sahara in South Morocco, is twenty miles from the Morocco-Algeria border. Unpredictable weather patterns and desertification have a devastating impact on this fragile desert environment and the livelihood of its communities.

Bamako's Olympic-size swimming pool lay empty for years. A few months after it was renovated in 2010, the pool was forced to close again, due to lack of funds for its upkeep. For Competing Against the Odds, I spent a few days with the Malian National Swimming Team, and together we explored ideas for dramatic images and individual portraits on location in the dry pool.

Something Has Already Happened is a visual narrative of the old town of Kolkata, where the past and the present collide. Life squeezes into every crevice, straining boundaries, and fraying at the edges where it is most vulnerable.

Where Land and Water Meet considers natural boundaries between land and water - our relationships to coastlines, rivers, seashores, harbours ...