Festivals and Rituals


The images in Festivals and Rituals explore how we tell stories, hold memories and celebrate our shared humanity through festive gatherings, ceremonies and rituals.

Theyyam, specific to the Malabar region of Kerala in South India, is an ancient Hindu tradition in which the lives of the deities are interpreted through nocturnal ritual performances.
In Ladakh, in the far North of India, remote Buddhist monasteries host sacred festivals. The slow, elaborate masked dances of Hemis Tsechu festival honour the birth of the guru Padmasambhava and represent the triumph of good over evil.
Sacred India focuses on rituals and ceremonies in Varanasi, Kerala, Rajasthan and Delhi.

The oasis town of M'Hamid El Ghizlane on the edge of the Sahara in South Morocco was once the meeting place for trans-Saharan trading caravans. The region's rich heritage continues to resonate through the Taragalte Festival, a celebration of music and nomadic culture.

The images in Traces were made during an artistic residency with performance artist Marisa Garreffa - work-in-progress for a collaboration exploring ritual, memory fragments and trauma.

There are photographs of visceral productions from the renowned Sibiu International Festival of Theatre in Romania, taken when I was the festival's Resident Photographer in 2015.

Finally, Mali and Burkina Faso shows dance and theatre festivals in both countries, featuring artists and performances from across the African continent, as well as locally-based community events.